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With PDF Expert, you can sync a folder from cloud storage using the smart 2- way sync. This way, you can sync the same folder on your iPhone and iPad, and PDF Expert keeps files up to date between both your devices as well as cloud storage. However, you can easily sync all files from Mac using cloud storage.

Note: The Sync button becomes active if you select folders which haven’t been synced yet. Once the sync is complete, the full copy of the synced folder is available in the Synced folders tab or folder on your iPad or iPhone. All new files and modifications within the synced folder automatically sync with the cloud storage server and vice versa.

The automatic sync is enabled in PDF Expert settings by default. If you work with files in a synced folder while you’re offline, changes will sync once you’re online, and PDF Expert is launched. If you want to sync your edits manually, you can disable automatic sync:. After disabling automatic sync, you can sync folders manually. Just tap Synced folders , open the needed folder and pull down from the top of the screen to sync it. PDF Expert. Sync a folder from cloud storage November 15th, Jump to: Prerequisites How to sync a single folder How to sync multiple folders at once How the 2-way sync works How to disable automatic sync How to sync folders manually Deleting synced folders.

To connect to iCloud: Go to the system settings of your device. Tap your name and select iCloud. Enable the PDF Expert toggle. To connect to another cloud storage: Make sure your iPad is connected to the network.

Select the cloud storage to sync and provide your credentials. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in. To connect to another cloud storage: Make sure your iPhone is connected to the network. Provide your credentials and tap Sign in.

Tap your cloud storage account on the sidebar e. Find the folder you wish to sync and tap More on it. Tap Sync. You can also sync a folder once you open it: Tap the needed cloud storage account to open it. Navigate to the folder you’d like to sync with and open it.

Tap Sync in the upper-right corner. Tap Sync This Folder , and the progress bar will appear on the folder icon. Navigate to the folder you’d like to sync and open it. Tap Sync at the top of the screen.

Tap your network account on the sidebar. Select the desired folders and tap Sync on the sidebar. Select the desired folders and tap Sync at the bottom. Note: Your data syncs automatically when the following conditions are met: Your device is connected to the network.

PDF Expert is running. The automatic sync is enabled in settings. Was this article helpful for you? Yes No. Thank you!


How to Study from Home Effectively using PDF Expert – Sync PDF files through your cloud storage

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Sync pdf expert with dropbox free. PDF Expert Sync with iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive


You can sync a folder from web storage using PDF Expert. This is made possible since PDF Expert enables 2-way syncing with document storage. This means that to sync documents to iCloud, you simply move documents into PDF Expert’s iCloud folder that you created. Add files to the folder you created. All documents moved to this folder will be automatically be synced to PDF Expert. You can manually select a different storage provider whenever you need to. When you are unable to perform sync in PDF Expert, troubleshoot this problem by first ensuring that your internet connection is stable.

Next, disable the wi-fi then enable it again. Organize a team. Send and track. Automatic backups. Support Help center. Community forums. Contact sales Email. Desktop app. Mobile app. Sign in. Get started. Features Share Share. Send large files. Folder sharing. Link sharing. Password protection. File permissions. File and folder organization. File transfer. Send long videos. Work remotely and offline. Save space. Transfer photos.

File backup. File recovery and history. Remote wipe. Photo storage. Cloud security. Document storage. Computer backup. Task management. Screen capture. Screen recorder. Doc scanner. All you need is PDF Expert installed on both platforms, access to the Internet, and any cloud storage e. Files you edit on the iOS device will sync to your Mac and vice versa if you connect to the same cloud storage account on both platforms.

If you can’t find the storage of your choice among available options, please check its support website. Note: To sync files between devices, you should connect to the same cloud storage on each of them.

To sync files between devices, you need to upload them to your cloud storage first. There is no need to do it twice – PDF Expert will automatically catch and sync all further annotations. To access files, open the Finder app and click your cloud storage for sync on the sidebar. Meanwhile, when you annotate or edit the file on Mac while it is connected to the Internet, all the changes are saved to the cloud automatically.

It’s possible to access your synced files on the sidebar or in your cloud storage folder in the My Files section in PDF Expert. The Files folder represents iCloud Drive itself and also provides you with access to all files saved locally on your device. When you’re connected to the network, PDF Expert lets you work with files right in the cloud storage, without downloading them – all the changes will be automatically saved to the cloud. Meanwhile, you can also download files from different cloud storages with a couple of taps:.

Tip : If you want to annotate files offline but upload them to your cloud later, you can sync folders from web storage. PDF Expert.


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With PDF Expert, you can sync a folder from cloud storage using the smart 2-way sync. The files from a synced folder are available locally. Can sync using Dropbox, For PDFs with a ton of hyperlinks, Good Reader has Free – Sign or fill in documents on iPad (and iPhone and Android). Try PDF Expert for iOS free version, it meets all requirements: you can open (and annotate) PDF Files, connect your Dropbox account and.

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