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Use Git as the default version control experience in Visual Studio or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for centralized version control right out of the box. From the new Git menu, you can clone, create, or open your own repositories. Feb 27,  · Visual Studio enables you to build and debug apps for iOS by using C++, Unity, or Xamarin and a Mac configured for iOS development when using remotebuild, vcremote, the Visual Studio Tools for Unity, or the Xamarin Mac Agent. Xamarin supports iOS 7 and higher, and requires OS X “Yosemite” or higher. Nov 08,  · Microsoft says: “Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC edition, Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Team Edition are not supported for development. You may use Visual Studio to build apps that run on Windows 10 LTSC, Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Team Edition.”. They say that such OS’es can be used for remode developping (reminds me the goot old times with.

Windows 10 ltsb visual studio 2019 free download


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Windows 10 ltsb visual studio 2019 free download


Visual Studio contains many new and exciting features and IDE productivity enhancements to support Windows app development, cross-platform mobile development, Azure development, web and cloud development, and more. For more information about everything that’s new in this release, see the Visual Studio release notes and What’s New in Visual Studio For Visual Studio for Mac release notes. Click a button to download the latest version of Visual Studio For instructions on installing and updating Visual Studio , see the Update Visual Studio to the most recent release.

Also, see instructions on how to install offline. Note: Installation package size will vary depending on your current Visual Studio configuration. When following the supported upgrade paths, your Visual Studio source, solutions, and project files will continue to work; however, you should expect to make some changes to sources.

While we cannot guarantee binary compatibility between releases, we will do our best to document significant changes to assist you with updates. Visual Studio provides cutting-edge tools and technologies to create apps that take advantage of the latest platform capabilities, whether Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux.

Visual Studio also targets earlier platforms so you can create new apps or modernize existing apps that execute on earlier versions of Windows while leveraging the enhanced development tools, quality enablement, and team collaboration capabilities in Visual Studio The following table explains the Microsoft Windows platforms for which you can build apps by using Visual Studio Visual Studio supports development of apps that use any of the.

NET implementations. Among the workloads and project types, you can find support for. NET Framework,. NET Core, Mono,. Visual Studio supports the following. NET implementations:. For more information on each of these implementations, and on the common API specification. NET Standard, see. NET architectural components. For information on. NET development for Android, see. For more information, see Cross-platform mobile development in Visual Studio.

NET development for iOS, see. Creating apps with Python or Node,js, requires that you enable remote debugging on the target Linux machine. You can also create, build and remote debug. NET development for Linux, see. Visual Studio enables you to build console applications and ASP. NET applications that target macOS. However, debugging is not supported. Visual Studio Code provides a streamlined, extensible developer tool experience for macOS. NET, using C. Visual Studio also supports the following platforms and technologies.

NET desktop development tools —. Take advantage of the powerful MSVC compiler and libraries toolset or bring your own build tools to do the job. NET Native and. Xamarin gives you full access to platform APIs and features using a single language and allows you to have a shared codebase with other.

NET platforms. Forms — Access native features with the Xamarin. Essentials API. NET Framework4. Create games and interactive content and publish to 21 platforms, including all mobile platforms, WebGL, Mac, PC and Linux desktop, web or consoles.

Develop Unity games with a premium debugging experience. The Data workload enables you to develop across a wide range of relational and big data assets. It provides you the tools to develop queries against databases, data warehouses and data lakes, whether on-premises or in Azure.

Use R and Python for wide range of scenarios such as data acquisition, cleaning, model training, deployment, and plotting. Use F , a powerful functional-first. NET language, for a wide variety of data processing tasks.

Create add-ons and extensions for Visual Studio, including new commands, code analyzers, and tool windows. Add the SDKs and tools you need to create new commands, code analyzers, tool windows, and language services using C. Then, share your extension with the community in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

NET profiling tools — IntelliTrace. Take advantage of various project templates to extend Office and SharePoint. Easily build, debug, and publish your add-ins and solutions from Visual Studio. Build and run code on a remote machine or Windows Subsystem for Linux and browse, edit, and debug from within Visual Studio. Build cross-platform applications using.

NET Core is an open source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the. NET community on GitHub. NET Core applications — C console application using. NET Core. NET and web development tools prerequisites — Cloud tools for web development —.

Get more done with dedicated project templates for Azure. These Quickstart templates give you a working app so you can immediately deploy to the cloud. Deploy your application to Azure directly from Visual Studio with one click, easily connecting to your database of choice. Remote debugging. Explore visually. You can inspect their properties and perform key diagnostic actions easily. Extensions and integrations Stay comfortable and productive with our most popular add-ons. NET and Visual Studio Skip to main content.

This device is not currently supported for these products. To continue downloading, click here. Code faster. Work smarter. Create the future with the best-in-class IDE. Download Visual Studio Community Professional Enterprise Develop with the entire toolset from initial design to final deployment.

Preview Visual Studio. Visual Studio Preview. Get the most from Visual Studio Write code with fewer errors Type variables quickly and accurately, using IntelliSense code suggestions if you get stuck. All develop features. Learn more about your code CodeLens helps you easily find important insight such as what changes have been made to your code, the impact of those changes, and whether your method has been unit tested.

All analyze features. Quickly find and fix your bugs Visual Studio lets you pause code execution the moment you want to inspect a bug, using the breakpoint and method you need.

All debug features. All test features. Version Control. All version control features. Share more than screens Lead your team with quick and natural collaboration using Live Share to edit and debug together in real time, no matter the language or platform. All collaboration features. Build for the cloud Get up and running quickly using templates for common application types and local Azure emulators—no need for an Azure account.

All deployment features. Visual Studio workloads. Modify Visual Studio. Azure Azure SDKs, tools, and projects for developing cloud apps, creating resources, and building Containers including Docker support Description Easily build, test, deploy, and manage scalable apps and services on the Microsoft cloud.


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