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Page 6 /38167.txt Page 17 To install the Classroom in a Book files Нажмите для продолжения 18 To save current Illustrator preferences Page 19 Additional resources Page 20 Adobe certification Page 22 Beautiful Strokes Page 24 Shape Builder tool Page 25 Resolution-independent Effects Page 27 Lesson overview Page 28 Working with multiple artboards Page 30 Creating illjstrator Page 31 Working with the Shape Builder tool Page 32 Working with strokes Page 34 Working with color groups and recoloring artwork Page 35 Using Live Trace Page 37 Using Live Paint Page 38 Working with the Blob Brush tool Page 39 Working adobe illustrator cs5 pdf free type Page 40 Using the Appearance panel and effects Page 41 Working with brushes Page 42 Creating and editing a gradient Page 43 Working with symbols Page 45 Working with perspective Page 46 Lesson overview Page 48 Getting started Page 50 Understanding the workspace Page 53 Working with the Tools panel Page 54 The Control panel Page 57 Working with panels Page 58 Resetting and saving your workspace Adlbe 62 Using panel menus Page 63 Using the view commands Page 64 Illustrahor the Zoom tool Page 65 Scrolling through a document Page 66 Viewing artwork Page 67 Navigating multiple artboards Page 68 Using the Adobe illustrator cs5 pdf free panel Page 70 Understanding rulers Page 71 Arranging multiple documents Page 72 Document жмите Page 75 Searching for a topic in the Search For Help box Page 77 Exploring on your own Page 78 Lesson overview Page 80 Using the Selection tool Page 82 Using the Direct Selection tool Page 84 Creating selections with a marquee Page 85 Creating selections with the Magic Wand tool Page 86 Selecting similar objects Page 87 Aligning to a key object Page 88 Distributing objects Page 89 Aligning to the artboard Page 90 Group items Page 91 Adding to a group Page 92 Arrange objects Page 94 Hiding objects Page 95 Applying selection techniques Page 96 Exploring on your own Page 98 Lesson overview Page Creating a document with multiple artboards Page Working with basic adobe illustrator cs5 pdf free Page Understanding drawing modes Page Creating rectangles Page Creating rounded rectangles Page Creating ellipses Page Creating polygons Page Draw Inside mode Page Changing stroke width and alignment Page Working with line segments Page Joining paths Page Creating Stars Page Using the Eraser tool Page Using the Width tool Page Working with the Shape Builder tool Page Working with Pathfinder effects Page Working with shape modes Page Using Adobe illustrator cs5 pdf free Trace to create shapes Page Exploring on your own Page Lesson overview Page Getting started Page Adding artboards to the document Page Editing artboards Page Renaming Artboards Page Illushrator with rulers and guides Page Scaling objects Page Reflecting objects Page Rotating objects Page Distorting objects Page Shearing objects Page Positioning objects precisely Page Changing the perspective Tree Multiple transformations Page Using the Free Distort effect Page Creating straight lines Page Creating curved paths Page Building a curve По этой ссылке Converting curved points to corner points Page Selecting a curve Page Drawing a curved adobe illustrator cs5 pdf free Page Drawing different kinds of curves



Adobe Illustrator CS5: Learn by Video [Video] – Document Information

Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? Figure 53 Creating the Inner Circle On the artboard, hold down the Shift key and drag the mouse pointer diagonally to draw a square see Figure


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